Wednesday, August 12, 2015

SCCM 2012 Client on Windows 10 fails to install

#Windows10.. as usual Microsoft repeats the history.. the first version of the OS is always bad.. but the next version is awesome.. may this is the reason why they skipped Windows 9 ;-)

Anyways, I upgraded my office laptop from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.. (thanks to my client). One of the purpose was to see what all it can break .. so I tried testing SCCM 2012 client and to my surprise it failed.. [an opportunity for me to dig back into SCCM and fix something ]

As you know, SCCM works heavily on logs and same with the SCCM client .. so I started looking into the logs under c:\windows\ccmsetup\logs\ccmsetup.log and found error

"WindowsUpdateAgent30-x64.exe" returned failure exit code 775.

Next step was to run the file manually on the machine and see what is happening but it failed to run and crashed.. Seems like the update is not compatible with Windows 10..

so this is what I did

“ccmsetup.exe  /skipprereq:windowsupdateagent30-x64.exe”

awesome.. the setup begin and finished with no errors!